As well as chimney sweeping I also provide a service for fitting Bird Guards and Cowls.

In early Spring Jackdaws and other vermin such as squirrels can nest in chimneys.

The nests can be up to 2 to 3 metres down from the top of the chimney and therefore are more difficult to remove. As the birds come back to nest in the same place every year it is very important to fit the correct terminal to the chimney pot.

I always fit stainless steel terminals to solid fuel appliances as these withstand the corrosion of the soot.
This picture above shows how much debris can be removed from a chimney with a birds nest.

Here are some examples of anti down – draught cowls that I have fitted;

antii-down1 antii-down2antii-down3

Here are some examples of bird guards and stainless steel rain guards that I have fitted:

bird-cage1 bird-cage2


Below are pictures of residential homes in the Preston area that didn’t have a chimney sweep for a few years:



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